Comparing Maine Auto Insurance Online

Comparing Maine auto insurance rates online is the best way to ensure you are paying the lowest rates for your insurance premiums. Comparing rates is fast and easy to do, and you can save hundreds of dollars on your premium every year. Quotes are provided to consumers free of charge, and there’s never an obligation to purchase a policy.

Start with a site such as This site saved drivers an average of $560 on their yearly premiums. In 6 minutes or less, up to 5 quotes from the leading agencies in your area are provided. You can see benefits and discounts of each company to help make the best decision, and even start your policy while you’re there if you wish.

Multiple quotes are also available at Progressive is home of the “Name your own Price” auto insurance policy. They were also named as one of the best auto insurance providers by consumers, saving $500 or more on insurance premiums. You will be able to get the rates of Progressive, as well as rates of other agencies in your area in a matter of minutes.

When comparing rates, don’t forget to ask for discounts. Most auto insurance companies offer an array of discounts-safe driving, multiple policy, and others-that can save as much as 30% on your premium. Many insurance companies even offer discounts for starting your policy online-even more incentive to do so. Ask what discounts are available, and take advantage of them all.

You should obtain a minimum of three quotes from different companies to lock in the lowest auto insurance rates. Of course, getting more than three quotes is good,too. With the ease of obtaining multiple quotes online there is no reason not to find the lowest rate out there.