Comparing California Auto Insurance Online

The Internet has always been classified as the “Information Highway” and now it can be called the, “Insurance Highway”. Comparing Insurance Companies has just gotten easier thanks to the Internet and multiple search engines.

Before you go traveling around for that next quote, it would be a good idea to follow a few simple guidelines along the way. Some Insurance Companies look good on the surface, but once you “seal the deal” you may just be trapped in a bogus contract.

There are several major on line companies that make it easy to grab a quick quote and drive off with new insurance.


I have researched all of the mentioned companies recently when purchasing new car insurance for my daughter, teenage daughter. By far the easiest and quickest to navigate was The General, the best quote referring to affordability was Mercury Insurance and the company with the most hidden clauses was Geico Insurance.

What many of these “affordable” Insurance Companies do not tell you is that they have ridiculously high “broker fees” and in almost all cases, they take you on as a client with information that you input into their system, but once you have paid the premium, they will then run the DMV report, Credit Report in some cases and send you a bill with a higher premium amount due.

If you are able to choose a Company that does not charge a broker fee or at least not a high priced fee, that is definitely a better way to go. Progressive Insurance will allow you to compare their price with most of their major competitors before you make your final decision.


There are many benefits of on-line insurance, one of them being the ability to print a instant ID card for proof of insurance. Another nice perk is most of the on-line companies have instant DMV access, which will allow the DMV to instantly view your proof of insurance when registering your vehicle.

Once you have signed up with one of these insurance companies you can then create an on-line account to view your policy, make payments or even file claims.


If you are like me, then you prefer having a “real” person to speak with, run to, or sit down with in case of an accident claim, changes to drivers or coverage. With on-line insurance companies, there is no “real” person. You must do all your business over the phone or on-line.

Either way you go, there are many choices, many companies and many deals out there. The absolute best search engine to find these on-line quotes on is Google, in my opinion.