Colloson Insurance

Anyone who drives a vehicle should considercollision coverage as part of their auto insurance package. Collision coverage is every driver’s best friend in the unexpected time of an auto accident. While basic policies and other coverage may cover the costs of repairs to property and the other driver, collision coverage protects your investment. Collision coverage pays up to the Kelley Blue Book Value of your car for repairs or if the car is unrepairable.

Most states have minimum requirements for auto insurance. These state required amounts must be carried on the vehicle at all times. These basic policies usually cover bodily injury and property damage, however do not include collision. Many are unaware that these basic policies do not cover the costs of repair to their own vehicle and can be left wondering what to do after an accident. Collision insurance can ease the fears and ensures you are always covered.

Collision insurance is a must for any new vehicle. Costs to repair a car hot off the lot can run well into the tens of thousands of dollars, and collision coverage could be the only way to ensure these repairs are completed. If the accident is not your fault, you should not be responsible for repairs, especially such large amounts. Collision coverage has you covered and ensures you will not be paying for anyone else’s mistakes! Checking with the company your vehicle is financed through is always a good idea, if you are making payments on the vehicle, before adding collision coverage. Most will not object,however, some may.

Collision coverage may not be worth the cost for older vehicles or those that are not in fair market condition. While you may choose to add collision to any type of vehicle, it is only worth the costs if your car has value. Monthly premiums may not be worth the small amount the vehicle is worth. For example, a car worth $3,000 may cost $50 per month to insure. in no time you would have paid well over the value of the car in monthly premiums.  

Rates for collision coverage vary according to many factors, such as the type of vehicle and the miles it will be driven. Coverage can usually be added to your current policy for a relatively small amount more per month.  Weigh the pros and cons of adding collision coverage to your current policy before you decide. If it is something you feel beneficial, contact your auto insurance company to add the coverage today!