Child Protective Services

Most people will agree with me, when I say that the United States has a very messed up legal system. Most people will also agree with me, when I say that the legal system the way that it is currently, fails the innocent and protects the guilty. Child Protective Services, seems to only have one goal in mind and that is to take children away from their families, instead of helping the families stay together. Most caseworkers will only listen to one side of the case before making their decision as to what they feel is in the best interest of the case. They have absolutely no compassion of the innocent people involved and only care about doing what they feel is best.

If a call comes into Child Protective Services, you would think that they would fully investigate the case and talk to any and all witnesses before making a decision as to what should happen to the children involved, but no. They read the complaint and decide at that point what course of action needs to be taken to remove the children from the parents based on the complaint whether it is a legitimate complaint or not.

Some families may be under investigation for abuse and or neglect of a child or multiple children, but when you take a closer look, there is more to the situation than you can see by just reading a piece of paper. A caseworker that does his or her job well, will go into the home and see if there is a strain in the marriage and if so what may or may not be causing it. If there is stress in the marriage, one or both parties could unintentionally be taking it out in one way or another on the children.

Another area where better services could be offered, but are not being offered might be chemical dependency. If one or both parents are struggling with an addiction, they may not be taking proper care of the children. If this is the case, the children might be placed with a close relative while the parent or parents are actively getting treatment to get clean and sober. With the idea that once they do get clean and sober, and stay clean and sober, they will get their children back.

Families where there is a disability involved, are also getting poorly treated when it comes to Child Protective Services. Child Protective Services does not take into consideration if there is a disability in the house and implement services to help with any issues or concerns that someone may have. They feel that the best solution is to remove the child or children from the home because they feel that the child or children could be getting better care in a home where there are parents that do not have disabilities that might interfere with how a child or children is or are raised.

The bottom line is that Child Protective Services does have too much power and they take advantage of innocent families that would benefit from getting services, classes, or training to help them reach their full potential as a parent.