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Let’s fill the presidents email with thousands of copies of this letter. There is power in numbers. Something just might be done, but nothing will be done if we do nothing!

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Prisoner in a free world

This nation has battled against discrimination tirelessly for decades and has succeeded in their goal to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. However; the senators, congressmen and even the White House have neglected to include a group of Americans under the discrimination laws, which are facing numerous road blocks in employment and housing.

The Americans of which I speak of are re-formed, ex-convicted felons which have taken advantage of the education system in the prisons where they’ve done their time in hopes of a bright and lawful future.

But I ask you; tell me how Ex-convicts can obtain lawful employment to better themselves when the Nations employers as a whole can discriminate at will against ex-convicts, without cause or retribution. The prison systems of this nation spends a fortune educating prisoners so they can support themselves without returning to crime, yet the education they receive will go unused because the nation employers will not hire a felon.

We need to allow these felons to show the nation that they have learned their lessons, been reformed, and can become a benefit to society; their success will surprise us all.   

As it stands, the nations employers are legally able to discriminate against felons, no matter what their crime, this is not right. Which makes most ex-felons, rely on government funding and food stamps, or return to a life of crime to survive?  

All convict should be allowed to obtain gainful employment in a field outside of their crime, for example an embezzler should not be hired where he/she would have access to money of any form, but he/she could work in the mail room.  Nor should a sex offender be hired by a public school, but he/she can work in a restaurant.

Ex-convicts should have the right to live life by the laws of this country once they have paid the debt to society. There should also be government consequences for employers who do a back ground check before the offer of employment is made. If this is not done we will have this disability held against us forever.

Isn’t the American public tired of paying taxes to support felons that would love nothing more than to support themselves. I am one among thousands that would gladly work if only someone would give me the chance to prove myself. Yes I am an ex-convict as well and I have high hopes that the pen is still mightier than the sword.

I would like to see this issue on a ballot somewhere so our nation can stop the Nations employers from discrimination or have the opportunity to ensure that the ex-convicts have the same rights as any other disabled group.

Please email this to the president and everybody in your contact list and have them do the same

Sincerely,                    Email President Barack Obama

A fellow ex-con