Casey Anthony Justice Jury Fairness Criminal Justice Law – No

Enough has been said about the not guilty verdict of Casey Anthony’s murder trial of her little girl. We all know she did it. Even Juror 3 has admitted Casey probably did it but she says, the state didn’t prove their case.

The US Judicial system loses sight of the victim as soon as the handcuffs are placed upon the suspect. Suddenly, as if a magical wand passes over the suspect, THEIR rights become more important that the victim’s. In this case, we have a little girl who was, no doubt, looking forward to her third birthday.

A lot has been said about the dysfunction in the Anthony household. So what? Charles Manson was raised by a boozin’, drugged up whore and, back in the day when our system still sought JUSTICE, the juror didn’t care. Manson is in prison for life and HE never killed anyone. He masterminded others to do his dirty work.

How do we know Casey didn’t mastermind Caylee’s drowning – if, in fact, that is how she died. How hard would it be to set that accident up? How hard would it be to frame someone else to *find* her. I don’t believe it happened that way but obviously this jury did. So why didn’t they think about that angle? Didn’t Casey’s carefree “Beautiful Life” behavior in the following days send out any kind of message to the jury?

Was that jury drugged? Did someone slip something into their food?

Why isn’t Baez being held accountable for making statements and accusations against George Anthony that he didn’t prove? He might as well say the bogey man killed Caylee. That jury would have certainly bought into that theory.

The problem is that the jury heard things that gave them reasonable doubt. They did not understand what reasonable doubt means in the legal sense. They were sequestered from their family and friends, they missed the biggest summer holiday with their family and they were hot and tired and wanted to go home. Can you blame them? They were more sequestered than the defendant, they were NOT ALLOWED to see their family or friends. Casey could have, if she chose to. How fair is that?

The criminal justice system needs professional juries. A panel made of 12 people who have, at the very least, some formal education in the field of criminal justice. Wouldn’t this be a great learning opportunity for criminal justice and law students? Retired criminal justice employees could serve on jury duty. A panel made up of former police officers, court administrators, attorneys, investigative reporters the list goes on and on – their are plenty of people who would like to make a difference in the criminal justice field.

Let’s put 12 people on a jury who actually know something about law and the application of justice and let’s stop CODDLING CRIMINALS. The victims right should supersede the defendants!