Black Friday Tips

Anyone who goes shopping on Black Friday knows it is a crazy, hectic day.  But amid all of the hustle and bustle, you can get some really good deals.  To make the most of the day and come out of it with your sanity intact, here are some tips for having a good Black Friday shopping experience.

– Bring a friend

Going into the fray with a friend, relative, or other companion can make the day a little less hectic.  Having someone else with you will be good just for the company, but it will also allow you to split up and get more done quicker.  Each of you can take a different side of the store, or a different wing of the mall, and regroup after a while to compare how you did.  Just be sure to split the items you’ll be buying so that you both don’t come back with the same thing.

– Come prepared with alternatives

Before heading out on Black Friday, think of alternate gift ideas for the people that you’ll be shopping for.  Many Black Friday deals attract a lot of customers, and products can sell out quickly.  If you can’t get your hands on a popular toy or doll, for example, what can you get instead that will still make a good gift?  The more prepared you are, the less time you’ll have to spend among the crowds trying to think up new ideas.

– Do some research

Most stores will have their Black Friday deals advertised online.  Check the websites of the stores you’ll be shopping ahead of time to see what deals they’ll be offering.  Some stores also put out circulars or flyers that advertise upcoming deals – the deals listed in these papers may or may not also be mentioned online.  Get copies of these circulars ahead of time, especially if they contain coupons you can use.  Most stores will have a stack of circulars by the door when you come in, but on Black Friday this stack will almost surely be depleted shortly after the doors open.

– Bring a snack

You might be trapped in line or in a crowd for a while on Black Friday, so bring a small snack (and a drink if possible) so you don’t have to waste valuable time heading for the food court.  You’ll also be in a better mood if you’re not hungry while you shop.  A small bottle of water (or soda) and a granola bar or cereal bar make a great snack.