Best way to Save Money when Buying a Pair of Shoes

It is possible to save money on shoes, without compromising quality or comfort, provided you keep in mind the real purpose of needing to buy new shoes. No-one really needs to have a lot of shoes, but most people need shoes to match a number of outfits and to wear on different occasions. 

Restricting the choice to plain black shoes, or a neutral color that will match most of your clothes, is a good way to save money on shoes, and there are opportunities to find shoes on sale that offer the best value. Taking good care of shoes will also save money, and avoiding impulse purchases of shoes as fashion items will also reduce the amount you need to spend on shoes.  

1. Bargain shoes.

Finding a genuine price reduction is better than buying a cheap pair of shoes. Cheap shoes may not last for long, and could damage your feet.

You could find bargains and special offers online, but it would be better to see what you are buying, by visiting stores where you can feel the quality and find shoes that fit. You can save money on shoes by looking for big price reductions at the end of each season.

2. Fashion shoes.

It is possible to save money on shoes by choosing a classic style that will not soon go out of fashion. Try to avoid buying fashion shoes, or shoes with expensive designer labels. Focus instead on buying a pair of shoes that will not look out of fashion next season.

3. Shoe care.

Treating your shoes with care will make them last longer and save money. Try cleaning and polishing shoes after wear, and store the shoes in their cardboard boxes or on a shoe rack. Never throw shoes onto the floor and leave them where they will gather dust or be trodden on, or where they could get chewed up by a family pet.

Keep your flimsiest shoes for special occasions and don’t wear them to go supermarket shopping. Whenever you know you are going to be doing a lot of walking, wear suitable shoes that will not easily perish or collapse from wear.

4. Repairs.

Sometimes heels or soles can become worn down, while the rest of the shoes remain in good condition. You can have shoes mended professionally, or buy a shoe repair kit and fix on new soles or heels when necessary.

5. Impulse purchases.

If you want to save money on shoes it is important to avoid impulse shoe buying. Think carefully about the type of clothing you wear and never buy shoes that do not match any of your existing clothing, simply because they are on special offer.

Take your time when purchasing new shoes. Always walk around the store wearing the shoes, to make sure they fit and feel comfortable, before you decide to buy.

Saving money on shoes is easy with some careful consideration about why it is necessary to buy shoes, and by selecting shoes of a style and quality that offer good value for money. Shoe care and repair will reduce the need to buy more shoes, and