Assessing the Death Penalty

I am of two minds about the death penalty in general. I think for certain crimes, like murders, the death penalty is obviously a good way to punish the perpetrators. If they have the heart, the stupidity and the ability to kill other people, then they should be dead too. Many murders and other crimes are committed in the heat of the moment, so they’re not thinking about the consequences of their crimes. People are still murdering others, and pleading insanity in their trials so obviously the death penalty is not a good deterrent to this particular crime.

But then again, many Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia use the death penalty to punish drug dealers/traffickers. I am not FOR drugs nor do I think that it’s okay to do drugs. But I don’t think that it’s punishable by death. Perhaps if it’s hard drugs, such as heroin or ecstasy, the death penalty may seem rather reasonable as it gets people hooked in a really bad way. But if it’s marijuana that they’re talking about, I disagree to using the death penalty as a punishment to the crime. After all this drug is no way as hard as other narcotics out there. Perhaps the best punishment for this is rehab, or community service and lifetime jail sentence. The latter, in my opinion, is enough deterrent to people thinking about trafficking marijuana to other countries. People are still bringing drugs into these countries, so I don’t think the death penalty has deterred them from committing said crime.