Arizona Auto Insurance

Arizona state law requires that any registered vehicle in the state carry minimum amounts of liability insurance. Failure to carry the state required coverage is a criminal offense that could result in huge fines, the suspension of your vehicle tags or your driving privileges, and even time in jail. Knowing the minimum requirements for auto insurance along with other types of coverage can save both time and money.

To meet the Financial Responsibility of Arizona, drivers must carry a minimum liability auto policy that includes 15/30/10 coverage. This refers to the amounts the auto insurance company will pay in case you are involved in an accident. $15,000 is paid for one injured person in an auto accident for bodily injury, with a $30,000 maximum bodily injury for all persons involved in the accident. $10,000 is the amount the insurance company will pay for property damage caused by the accident. Of course, this is the minimum requirements for Arizona, and you are free to purchase additional or larger amounts of insurance coverage to better protect your vehicle.

Collision coverage is not required, but always a good idea to carry. Unbeknownst to many, most auto insurance companies basic policies do not cover the costs associated with repairs to your own personal vehicle after an accident. You may be left with tens of thousands of dollars of repairs needed to your vehicle. Collision insurance can help cover nominal fees to repair your vehicle.

Comprehensive cover is similar to collision, however it helps with costs associated with vehicle damages caused by fire, rain, theft, vandalism, etc. Both of these types of coverage can be added to the required policy for just a few dollars more, and can be well worth it if the unexpected occurs.

New vehicles under lease must have full cover auto insurance regardless of the state required minimums. Full coverage insurance will cost a considerable amount more than the basic coverage, however includes everything you need to protect the vehicle in case of damage. Collision and comprehensive coverage are both included, towing and roadside assistance, uninsured motorist protection, property damage, bodily injury, and third party reimbursement.

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