AAA Membership is it Worth it

Aside from the obvious privileges of having a AAA membership to save you from pricey tow trucks and roadside assistance, AAA offers a myriad of other discounts and bonuses. When planning a trip for my brother’s wedding, our AAA agent found us the best deal on the cruise the wedding would be on. Not only was she able to offer us discounted rates, but because of the large group flying from MI to Miami to board the ship, we all got discounted airfare also. AAA was also kind enough to throw in complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and wine as an added bonus in each state room.

Planning to head out to Seattle this summer for my other brother’s wedding has been nearly stress free. AAA is putting together a TripTik, which is a detailed map taking into account all of the construction along the way. My agent was kind enough to factor in all the sightseeing we wanted to do on the drive too so we didn’t get stranded somewhere looking for our route. We are planning to also take advantage of their discounted hotel rates and restaurants along the way. In fact, I was even able to save 10% on the shoes I’m suppose to wear in the wedding party that I bought online at

AAA is a program with a wide variety of savings. In the past I’ve used it to buy tickets to take my sister to theme parks, eating out with friends, and even at stores like Dell and Barnes and Noble. AAA has excellent roadside assistance with friendly workers who have always arrived in a timely manner. My AAA discount even applied to my boyfriends car when we were running late and had a flat. I’ve been very please with AAA through the years and plan to renew my membership every year. The amount of money I have saved has been bountiful! I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone!